Shane Goettle


Shane is originally from Stanley, North Dakota where he was raised on a livestock ranch and small grains farm. After earning a B.S. Degree in Agricultural Economics from NDSU, Shane pursued a law degree from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, graduating in 1994. From 1995 2001, Shane was an associate and partner in the McGee Law Firm in Minot, North Dakota, where he focused on business and estate planning, employment law, commercial contracts and transactions, securities, and real estate.

In 2002, Shane joined the George W. Bush Administration. He served two years as counsel to the Chairman of the Federal Housing Finance Board, which regulated the Federal Home Loan Bank System. In 2004, Shane transferred to USDA where he served as Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary for Rural Development and helped manage the day to day operations of a then $87 billion rural capital investment organization with 7,200 employees.

In 2005, then North Dakota Governor John Hoeven recruited Shane to join his cabinet and head the North Dakota Department of Commerce where he executed on the Governor’s priorities in economic development, tourism, community services, infrastructure, workforce development, and energy policy.

One of Shane’s central roles was to chair Governor Hoeven’s energy policy commission ( EmPower ND), securing input from the private sector on the legal, regulatory and tax policy for energy development. Shane also lead the development of the state’s first major infrastructure plan for western North Dakota, which resulted in the state’s first $1 billion of coordinated investment in infrastructure in the state’s oil and gas counties and cities to support development of the industry. After John Hoeven’s election to the United States Senate in 2010, Shane served as Senator Hoeven’s State Director, addressing constituent concerns , flooding issues, and agriculture and energy policy.

In the meantime, in 2010, Shane and his extended family launched a family owned gravel company in Mountrail County to serve market needs that had developed for road and other infrastructure. Shane currently is an owner and in house counsel for this entity. Since 2012, Shane has also worked with several cities in Northwest North Dakota on flooding and growth infrastructure issues (from oil and gas development). Shane has been retained by the Cities of Minot, Stanley, Parshall and New Town as an assistant city attorney to work on these matters.

In 2012, Shane joined Odney , a full service media, communications, research, public relations and public affairs firm. Shane is now one of the owners and serves as CEO, Director of Public Affairs, and Corporate Counsel. Shane lives with his spouse, Brenda, in Mandan, North Dakota. Together, they have six children.